10 Best Soccer Socks for 2024

Wearing proper sports gear helps athletes do better in the field and also protects them from the many harmful elements that they are exposed to.

While some sports carry fewer risks we cannot say the same for soccer which can be a high impact sport in many ways.

Soccer is an outdoor sport that requires players to either attack or defends, which means that either way they need to dress appropriately in order to play confidently.

A strong and well-designed pair of soccer socks are an important addition to any sports gear collection. You can try playing with regular everyday socks but you will not be protected or feel comfortable while wearing your appropriate footwear.

Proper soccer socks are designed to provide you with the best fit of your cleat and also cushioned your feet where needed.

We will discuss the specifications and benefits of soccer socks later in this post but first, we will be reviewing our selected TOP 10 BEST SOCCER SOCKS available on the market for you.

So if you are interested in buying soccer socks then read our reviews on each of the products with their pros and cons and hopefully, you will be able to pick the best pair or two for yourself by the end of this post.

Our Top Picks

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Adidas Unisex Metro IV OTC Soccer Socks

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Nike Mercurial Lite Shin Guard


TRUSOX Mid-Calf Crew Cushion Soccer Socks

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Our top Picks for Best Soccer Socks


Adidas Metro IV OTC Soccer Socks

The Metro IV OTC soccer socks are designed for intermediate soccer players who are still working to develop their skills. It is made lightweight with 98% nylon and 2% natural latex rubber.

The mixed fabric provides you with a pair of socks that are highly breathable and comfortable for your feet while consisting of an adequate amount of stretch for a close fit.

It also comes with an arch and ankle support with perfect compression to keep your foot free from pain as you practice or take part in competitive games.

Available in sizes extra small, small, medium and large, the Metro IV OTC soccer socks by Adidas is targeted for a wide range of players of all ages and size of feet.

You can always rely on these socks to keep your feet dry and fresh while providing you with ample protection and support to play with confidence.

The calf-length design always allows you to slip in your shin guards without worrying about them shifting from a place.






Soxnet Acrylic Unisex Soccer Sports Team Cushion Socks

If you are looking for sports socks which you can wear for various kinds of sports then you can check out these TeeHee Acrylic socks from Soxnet.

They can be worn by both men and women and they are also available for young athletes.

One thing you must be aware of is that these pair of socks are not made specifically for soccer so they do lack a bit of padding and other essential features of a proper pair of soccer socks but nevertheless this product made its way on our list today because it is has a versatile design and economical advantage to it.

When you order this item you will be receiving not one but three pairs of socks, all in the same color and size which adds value to its price.

However, these pairs of socks do not completely fall behind in terms of support or padding because the sole is decently cushioned and there is a good amount of arch support available.






Trusox Mid-Calf Crew Cushion Soccer Socks

For the best fit around your foot and with your footwear, the Trusox Soccer Socks come with some of the most preferred features of sports socks.

The pair rests around mid-calf and features the patented INEXtech anti-slip pads that prevent sliding. We love the fact that pads are present both inside the socks and outside which does a wonderfully in griping your foot from both ways.

The inner padding keeps the sock firmly gripped around your foot while the padding on the outside holds on to your soccer boots.

The point is to allow your foot and footwear to become one that not only prevents discomfort and blisters but also boosts your confidence to play safer, faster and better.

If you intend to or usually find yourself wearing double pairs of socks normally to get a better fit or fight the cold then it is recommended that you do not combine the use of the TRUsox with other socks as that will kill the anti-slippage effect. However, you can wear two pairs of TRUsox together if required.

Hand washes in cold water to retain shape and quality or throw them in the washing machine only inside a mesh bag and make sure the temperature does not go above 30 degrees.

The material is 60% nylon, 39 % cotton, and 1 % spandex. The nylon tackles sweat and ensures that your feet remain dry while the cotton provides your feet with comfort and warmth. The spandex limits the stretch to the right amount.






Adidas Unisex Copa Zone Cushion II Soccer Sock

The Adidas Copa Zone soccer socks are intended for all levels of play and for adults and young players alike.

Construction rates 98% nylon and 2 % lycra which makes the pair ideal for playing in summer. Whether your feet normally sweat a lot or not, being wrapped in closed cleats for hours will have them building up moisture but thankfully you can look forward to dry and clean feet at the end of the day with these lightweight socks on.

Nylon has excellent moisture wicking qualities that contribute comfort, improve hygiene and better performance on the field.

The lightweight design also allows for easy movement and greater ball touch.

The fabric is more on the thinner side which may not be ideal for goalkeepers as the socks are not particularly warm but they offer an amazing fit and have decent padding in the right places.

The footbed consists of a good amount of cushioning which helps to absorb shock while the added compression provided to the ankle and arch area promotes blood circulation.






Nike Unisex Dry Cushion Crew Training Socks

Nike has always impressed its customers with their fine line of sports gears and their socks are no different.

The unisex training socks come in a pack with 3 pairs, making them perfect for those on a budget. Having 3 pairs around also helps you switch pairs and prolong their usage.

Made from a blend of cotton, the socks are comfortable to wear in all seasons. They have great sweat-wicking properties and do a great job of keeping your feet dry and fresh throughout the practice or game.

Made for various sports, the Nike Dry Cushion Crew Training Socks come are designed with reinforced heel and toe to make them strong enough for everyday wear and aggressive usage.

With a half-cushion terry foot and arch compression, you can expect a good amount of support and comfort during wear.






Adidas Rivalry Soccer Socks

The perfect socks for starters, the Adidas Rivalry Soccer Socks in a pack of two are a great addition to your sports gear with their fitted and cushioned footbed.

The single welt structure provides better fittings around the ankle.

As this pair of socks is meant for players in practice mostly, the material of wicking yarn allows your feet to stay dry and moisture-less even after hours of playing. The shock absorption by the cushion feature on the footbed is amazing while the ankle and arch compression does a great job in keeping the sock in its place and allowing good circulation.

Coming in color black, the sizes of the socks vary from small to extra large. The material of the pair is stretchable, made of 93% polyester and other material combinations such as nylon (3%), spandex (2%) and natural latex rubber of also 2%. The spandex allows the required stretching while the polyester keeps the sock cool and with minimum chances of slipping or sliding off.






Adidas Team Speed Soccer Socks

These snug-fitting soccer socks are abundant with breathability and mobility. The cleverly designed ‘left-right’ footbed works amazingly in enhancing the mobility of the player’s feet and ensuring a better fit.

The Adidas Team Speed Soccer Socks is lightweight and comfortable to wear, is made of 98% nylon for moisture-wicking and 2% spandex which provides stretchiness. The ClimaLite feature helps absorb moisture while the ClimaCool mesh structure feature allows better ventilation and airiness. The pair comes in a range of 13 different and vibrant colors, from the usual Black or White to Intense Pink and even University Red.

The cushioning on the footbed has a good shock absorption attribute while the additional compression in the arch and ankle provides amazing solidity and helps to reduce pain.

The sizes of the socks are available from extra small to large sizes, for men and women as well as children.






Vandimi Little Boys and Girls Compression Soccer Socks

These snug-fitting soccer socks are abundant with breathability and mobility. The cleverly designed ‘left-right’ footbed works amazingly in enhancing the mobility of the player’s feet and ensuring a better fit.

The Adidas Team Speed Soccer Socks is lightweight and comfortable to wear, is made of 98% nylon for moisture-wicking and 2% spandex which provides stretchiness. The ClimaLite feature helps absorb moisture while the ClimaCool mesh structure feature allows better ventilation and airiness. The pair comes in a range of 13 different and vibrant colors, from the usual Black or White to Intense Pink and even University Red.

The cushioning on the footbed has a good shock absorption attribute while the additional compression in the arch and ankle provides amazing solidity and helps to reduce pain.

The sizes of the socks are available from extra small to large sizes, for men and women as well as children.






TCK Sports Elite Breaker Soccer Socks

This TCK Sports Elite Breaker Soccer Socks is high a pair of high-performance socks that almost anyone can wear easily without a fuss. The fit of the socks is great as it goes by the player’s footwear quite easily.

The absorption wick does a fine job at tackling unwanted build-up of moisture after constant running and playing, while the anti-microbial feature keeps fungus from developing. The odor control is one of a kind, keeping you fresh and dry throughout the day, even under the harshest weather. Plus your teammates will be thankful in the locker room.

The material of the pair is of high-quality Polypropylene of about 64%, 27% of lightweight nylon, 7% and 2% of stretchable Elastic and Lycra Spandex respectively. The sizes start from Small to Extra Large for men and women.

Other important features of the socks include the arch compression which is of accurate level, hence perfect for protection against sore feet or numbness. The Blister control makes sure your feet are unhurt after playing while the ‘Heel and Toe’ structure with a Double Welt Top keeps your feet safe from injuries during violent play.

The pair comes in a variety of dissimilar colors. You could choose from 22 colors such as Neon Yellow, Maroon, Hot Pink, Dark Green, Gold, etc. The range of colors is sure to set you apart from the rest of the players.






Nike Academy Over the Calf Soccer Socks

Not only do these socks look chic but they also provide really great support to the players. The pair is designed for the utmost comfort and mobility.

Made of 97% Nylon and 3% Spandex, the socks are well stretchable and allow clear ventilation to the feet. The Dri-Fit tech helps to keep sweat away and allow your feet to feel dry and fresh.

The cushioned sole is strong enough to protect the player’s heel and toes even during aggressive matches. The quality of the cushion is highly durable.

The unique feature of the ‘left-right’ design provides enhanced fitting while the arch works as much-required support.

The socks are a snug fit and do not easily slip off during running or jumping.





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Factors to Consider

We take it that you understand that shopping for the right pair of soccer socks is not the same as shopping for regular socks.

Soccer socks do more than just keep your feet warm and there are a number of things that need to be kept in mind while picking the best pair for yourself.

Below are some things that should be looked in to for accurate evaluation.


We wouldn’t say that this is the most important factor to consider but it is definitely one of the most crucial things to check out.

If you are allergic to a certain fabric then take note of that before you begin your search because you will be wearing the material for hours which could cause discomfort and also be harmful to your skin.

Certain fabrics are also not as comfortable while some do not absorb moisture at all. You will want to invest in a pair that not only feels good to wear but also keeps your skin dry and fresh.

Cotton is great in terms of comfort but it is not the best material if your feet tend to sweat a lot because cotton does not really wick moisture too well.

Polyester, spandex, and nylon are all synthetic and even though they don’t offer the best comfort they do a fantastic job in handling sweat.

Lastly, you need to figure out if the weight of the fabric will be in favor of your requirements on the field.


Remember how we mentioned that soccer socks are not like regular socks? Well, you are about to find out why.

One of the main reasons you need socks designed especially for soccer is because they offer what we call ‘compression’. In simple words, these socks apply a certain amount of pressure on your feet and lower leg that helps with proper circulation.

Now you may ask why you need proper circulation. Well think of it this way, your feet usually get the least amount of blood flow (ever noticed how your feet suddenly get numb after prolonged sitting or lack of activity?) so they are more prone to damage.

The amount of pressure or compression level (which can vary from around 10-30 mmHg) ideal for your feet depends on what you feel most comfortable with.

Anything too tight can leave your feet feeling sore while a very low level of compression can cause poor circulation. With the right balance however you can get the right benefits and also be super comfortable.

Moisture Wicking

This is one of the features you need to look at in the fabric/material of the pair of socks you wish to buy.

Even if your feet don’t normally sweat, they are bound to do so when you spend countless hours in socks playing soccer so if you wish to avoid the discomfort then find a pair made of breathable fabric.

Discomfort is not even the worst concern here sweaty feet are prone to getting blisters, growing bacteria and of course being smelly.

We recommend materials like Nylon or Lycra as these fabrics are best known for their moisture-wicking qualities. They smartly absorb sweat without trapping the moisture within the fabric which means that they don’t tend to get weighed down either.

Antimicrobial Protection

Apart from being able to keep the feet dry if your socks come with anti-microbial properties then you are pretty much set in terms of hygiene. With protection against the growth of bacteria your feet will be healthy and odor-free despite being wrapped up for hours.

Accurate compression, breathability, and antimicrobial are the 3 of the most important qualities that a pair of well-made soccer socks should have in terms of offering you the best comfort.

Arch Support

If you have flat feet then you will surely appreciate a bit of arch support which plays a major role in providing you with great balance and improved confidence while playing.

The arch is important as it takes off quite a bit of pressure from your feet. Of course, the main aim here is to eliminate or at least reduce foot pain but it also gives you the confidence needed to run better.


Soccer socks will come with a bit of padding and this is to provide your feet with the much required cushioning for long hours of practice or play.

Different models of socks will have different levels of cushioning and also the area of the padding may not be the same.

You should look for the most amount of padding around the heel, toes and ankle if possible. It is common for soccer socks to have proper padding surround the heel and toes but if you are lucky then you can get your hands on models that offer ankle padding too.


You will most likely have a budget that you would want to stick to but we would ask you to be flexible to some extent because a good pair of soccer socks may not always come cheap.

Once you understand how essential a well-made pair of socks really is for a passionate soccer player you will not mind spending more than what you had in mind.

Remember that even basic features like a good amount of padding, strong stitching and comfortable fabric may make a difference in the price of certain models of socks while any extra criteria will affect the price even further.

If for instance the pair you are interested in comes with antimicrobial properties or is shaped in a unique way to support your feet better then it will cost more than a pair that does not come with such traits. It is up to you to decide what features you can or cannot do without.


Most players prefer socks that reach above the calf or even cover the knee. This is because longer socks can support slip-in shin guards and keep them in place. Long socks also provide a bit of shielding to the bare skin on the lower leg so you can be protected from minor scratches or cuts.


Children are not the only ones to blister, adults are often prone to blisters and this is mostly due to poor fitted gears. Along with getting the right size of soccer boots, you will also need to make sure that your socks fit well.

Purchasing socks that fit accurately is so important that even when you have ticked off all the other factors mentioned above we would still ask you to move on to something else if your chosen pair does not fit you perfectly.

If you get a chance to physically try on the socks before buying then that is great but if you prefer to order online then we suggest carefully checking out the size chart and reading a few customer reviews if available to determine how well the fit is.

If your online store has a return policy then you should not have a problem returning the pair and getting the one that actually fits.

Benefits of Wearing Soccer Socks

Reduces the risk of blisters

When your soccer socks fit you well they keep your feet firmly in place preventing them from sliding inside the boots. This helps to reduce the forming of blisters.

Prevent Fungal Infections

Many soccer socks come with anti-microbial properties that offer protection from bacterial growth and also keeps odor at bay. Your teammates will thank you in the locker room.

Contributes to a Better Fit of the Shoe

This one is obvious. Wearing soccer socks gives you a snug fit and also helps to make up for any misfit of soccer boots.

Protection from impact and other elements

Soccer socks cover your lower leg area and can protect it from scratches and minor cuts while also working as a cover for shin guards. With a good pair of soccer socks on you can confidently slide on dirt or tackle your opponent knowing that you are well guarded.


Soccer socks offer levels of compression that is most beneficial to the feet. With proper compression, circulation is improved and a higher degree of comfort is achieved.


You will stay warm even on the coldest of days with a pair of thick soccer socks on. This will be even more beneficial to goal keepers who are more required to stay on one spot during a match.

Compliments your Jersey

You can match your socks to your jersey and add coolness to your overall look. If you are representing a club you can always have your socks customized to display certain colors or logos.

How to Reduce the Risks of Blisters While Playing Soccer

Painful blisters are a common problem when playing soccer and while we may not be able to completely prevent them, we can reduce the risk of them forming.

Best Soccer SocksThe best way to avoid blisters is no doubt by wearing boots and socks that fit well. Notice that the chance of prevention is clearly related to the most common cause of blisters here.

Next, you need to ensure that the socks you purchase come with padding on the right places- paying attention to the heel, toes, and ankle.

If your soccer boots reach above the ankle then socks with ankle padding will help to reduce the friction and chance of blisters.

You can also apply some sort of lubrication such as petroleum jelly to the areas on your feet that are sensitive and prone to blisters.

Lastly, you can give your feet some time to breathe and relax between matches or practices by taking off your boots and socks and wearing open sandals. During this time you could apply foot powder to keep your feet dry and fresh.

Guidelines for Soccer Gear

Safety is necessary when it comes down to playing any kind of sport. But when it is about an aggressive sport like soccer which requires a lot of tackling and bumping, safety should be of optimal importance.

Keeping oneself safe and protected from injuries can be easily done if you are willing to purchase just a few necessary items that surely go a long way.

  1. Cleats: The right cleats play the most important role in soccer safety. You would want to look for cleats that are appropriate for the surroundings you will be playing in. If you know you will be in moist land, go for cleats that can be screwed onto the soles of your preferred footwear. Screw on cleats provides more friction so only use them on moist land, otherwise, they can cause more injury than safety instead.
  2. Soccer Socks: For internal protection, you will be needing soccer socks. What soccer socks do is that they hold on to shin guards (which we will be discussing in a while) properly. The socks you should be searching for requires to be long enough in length so they go just a bit over the shin guards themselves. The socks should also be a proper fit with the shoe you will be wearing, as loose socks can become bothersome or fail to prevent unnecessary abrasions.
  3. Shin Guards: Shin guards are there to protect the lower leg area of a player because that is the area that tends to get injured the most in soccer. This could be due to tackling or due to an unfortunate hit by the ball or perhaps by your fellow teammates. But whatever the cause, if you have a shin guard on rest assured the impact on the shin would be comparatively less than without a shin guard.

A good shin guard will grip around the leg properly, protecting all uncovered areas such as the calves and also the ankles.

  1. Gloves and clothes: If you or someone you know is going to play as a goalkeeper, recommend him or her to wear clothes that are long-sleeved and padded. This will lessen the force of the impact a goalkeeper faces. Good quality goalkeeping gloves with adequate friction are also necessary in order to protect hands and of course the ball from reaching the goal post.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best length of soccer socks for goalkeepers?

Players (mostly goalkeepers and defenders) that tend to dive or slide more often should purchase socks that go above the knee. This is important because the fabric can help to protect the skin against abrasion and cuts.

What are some of the pros and cons of natural and synthetic materials?

Examples of natural fabrics can be cotton and wool. These are very comfortable to wear and can also provide you with great warmth. However, they are not as breathable and may cause your feet to sweat and smell.

Synthetic socks are usually made of nylon, polyester, spandex or acrylic. If you are seeking moisture wicking traits and durability then these are the best materials for the job but they are not as comfortable.

What sizes do soccer socks come in?

Each brand will have its unique sizing and hopefully a size chart to help you pick the best fit. Generally, sizes could range from extra small to extra large.

Are thin socks better than thick ones?

Thin socks offer better mobility and control which forwards and mid-fielders can do with but they may not be warm enough for goalkeepers. Even if your socks are on the thinner side and you prefer the great mobility they offer, make sure they come with enough padding for protection and support.

What kind of socks should I wear with shin guards?

If you are using slip-in shin guards then you will need longer socks in which the guards can easily slip in and stay in place. Short socks will not be able to secure the shin guard in place or stop it from moving about.


The best pair of soccer socks should have the capability to make you feel more comfortable and confident from the moment you slip your feet in them.

They aren’t designed just to keep your feet warm but to protect them against blisters and impact, reduce pain and provide a better fit among many other things.

Don’t get overwhelmed by the numerous numbers of models and designs on the market the perfect pair needs to fit the criteria discussed above in order for you to truly get the best results.

Hopefully, our guide today and list of the selected products should be enough to help you decide on what is right for you in the end.

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  1. The best material for soccer socks are fabrics blended from man-made materials such as polyester, spandex, and nylon. Besides being much better at staying in place, they also often contain moisture-wicking properties that will keep your feet cool while you play, all the while keeping moisture at bay.

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